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Joukowsky Equation

Joukowsky Equation for Fluids


The Joukowsky equation measures the change in pressure of a fluid resulting from a change in the fluid’s velocity and is written as:

(1)   \begin{align*}\Delta P = \rho c \Delta v\end{align*}

where \Delta P = change in pressure, \rho = density, c = fluid wave speed (speed of sound), \Delta v = change in velocity.

This equation is used most widely for calculating the maximum theoretical surge pressure or head resulting from instantenous valve closure in a piping or pipeline system.

Joukowsky Pressure Calculator

Calculate change in fluid pressure as a result of velocity change:
Formula: \Delta P = \rho c \Delta v
\Delta P = change in pressure
\rho = density
c = fluid wave speed
\Delta v = change in velocity
Density kg/m³
Fluid Wave Speed m/s
Change in Velocity m/s
Result: Pa

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